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Gary Numan has been influential in the music industry for almost 40 years. In 1979, he released 2 albums that reached #1 in the UK charts. "Replicas" was released under the name of his band, Tubeway Army and "Pleasure Principle" under his own name.  His music has morphed from a variation of electronic synth music to a much heavier industrial rock sound which has influenced bands such as Nine Inch Nails. His live shows are not only an amazing aural sensation but are a visual wonder that is not to be missed!!! If you havent seen him perform, you will leave the show wondering why you have taken so long to see him in concert.

Two of the biggest names in "shock rock" joined up to tour as The Twins of Evil. The multi-talented Marilyn Manson has been performing his music since 1989, released his first album in 1994, debuted as an actor in 1997 and started painting water colors in 1999. The equally talented Rob Zombie who started his musical career fronting the band White Zombie. He disbanded that band and went on to perform as Rob Zombie in 1998 then in 2003 his first of a number of graphic horror films, "House of 1000 Corpses" was released.  Combine these two well known veterans and you are sure to have packed houses far and wide!

The Damned is certainly one of the top three bands in the early UK punk movement and the only one to last more than a decade. They still perform with the same intensity as they did in the early days. Front man Dave Vanian's voice is still as strong as ever and Captain Sensible is still a madman on guitar. Not relying solely on their portfolio, The Damned released their latest album, "Evil Spirits" in 2018.

X is one of the pioneer bands of the US punk movement. To their credit, they are the last remaining punk band from that era made up of the original line up. While John Doe, Excene Cervenka, Billy Zoom, and DJ Bonebrake all have side projects that they work on, without a doubt, when they all come together on the same stage, magic happens! 

The HU is a Mongolian folk metal band that is taking the world by storm. They became an internet sensation due to the release of several YouTube videos and now they are playing to packed houses around the world. Their music is all sung in their native language and they play handmade traditional Mongolian instruments. They are both aurally and visually stunning!

Tab Benoit  is a guitarist, song writer, and singer who has emerged from the Louisiana swamps and set the blues world on fire. His shows are high energy to say the least. Tab is also a devoted conservationist when it comes to his beloved bayous. Tab Benoit and other local activists formed the conservation organization called The Voice of the Wetlands in 2004 to bring awareness to the environmental challenges facing coastal Louisiana.

Camp Anarchy 2019 was a 3 day punk rock festival in Thornville, Ohio featuring an amazing lineup of bands as well as craft beer tasting and camping. There was only a main stage which meant no picking or choosing what bands to see or miss, one got to see every act! Photos of every band in album.

Vans Warped Tour was the best known travelling music festival in the US. In 2019, it closed out its 25 year run with a very limited run of shows in Cleveland, Atlantic City, and Mountain View, California. We may never see a travelling festival with the impact that Warped had. Here are a few shots of the stop in Atlantic City.

Impact Music Festival has taken root in the US as THE metal festival to see. Held in Bangor, Maine, it may be a bit out of the way for most but that didn't stop thousands of metal fans from attending. Here are photos from the second anniversary festival in 2019. 

Peter Murphy was the frontman of the groundbreaking band Bauhaus. He and Bauhaus bass player David J took to the road to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the celebrated goth rock band. Murphy’s voice which has defied time and remains as haunting as it was 40 years ago while David J held down the rhythm section with a cool and aloof swagger. 

The Smithereens are a hard driving New Jersey rock band that began life back in 1980. In 2017, lead singer / guitarist Pat DiNizio passed away wondering what would become of the band. Remaining members Jim Babjak, Dennis Daken, and Mike Mesaros decided to keep the band alive to continue giving their audiences the music they love and to honor their former frontman's legacy. They have had guest singers sit in and Robin Wilson of Gin Blossoms was captured here. Also appearing with The Smithereens has been Marshall Crenshaw. 

In This Moment is a gothic metal band that hails from Los Angeles, California.  Their shows are full of power and energy and are a visual delight. They have released 6 albums since they formed in 2005 and in 2017 were nominated as both the best hard rock artist as well as the best live band by the Alternative Press Music Awards. Once you see them live, you will know why they are deserving of such nominations. Dressed in ominous attire and surrounded by fog, lead singer Maria Brink and her Blood Girls are absolutely mesmerizing. 

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls is often billed as a “folk punk” band. Their music covers such a range that they really are difficult to attach a label to. One thing you can say about them which everyone will agree upon is this, their performances are dynamic!  I’ve been fortunate enough to see them perform multiple times since 2010 when they were the first band on a 3 band bill. They have since worked their way up the ladder to performing during the Olympic opening ceremonies in London and selling out a headlining show at the venerable  Wembley  Arena in London. They are “always on tour” so do yourself a favor and make it a point to see them the next time they are close by!

The Dropkick Murphys are Boston’s premier Irish punk band. Their blend of Celtic roots with straight ahead punk offers the listener music that makes it hard to sit still. While their music is what they are best known for, they also have a passion for the Boston community.  Frontman Ken Casey founded the Claddagh Fund whose mission is to raise money for underfunded non-profit organizations in the area.

Agnostic Front has been deemed by some as "The Godfathers of Hardcore" while some call them "The Kings of Hardcore", No matter what you call them, everyone agrees that they are hardcore punk legends! AF was formed in 1980 by guitarist Vinnie Stigma while lead vocalist Roger Miret joined on in 1982. Their music may be rough and hard edged but these two guys are nothing but true gentlemen. 

If you want to see a fun band having a great time doing what they do, Less Than Jake is a must see! Hailing from Gainsville Florida, LTJ has been bringing ska music to the masses since 1992. Their shows are never dull as they barrage the audience with their wall of sound, balloons, and yes, toilet paper! Put them on your must see list!

Gogol Bordello is a high energy band that plays what is best described as “gypsy punk”.  The frontman,  Eugene Hutz, is Ukrainian born. He brings the music stylings of his homeland and delivers it in a non-stop barrage of musical and visual excitement. The use of instruments such as wash boards, a violin, and a marching band bass drum does not seem out of place and makes you wonder what you are in for next!

Flogging Molly is a Los Angeles based Irish punk band. Their music is more high energy traditional Celtic based than punk which sets them apart from other Irish punk bands.  Lead singer Dave King was born in Dublin and his accent gives an authenticity to their songs. This is a band that gives the live viewer a feel that they are watching a group of musicians who are truly enjoying what they are doing and not merely going through the motions.  

Arkells is a band from Canada that you don't want to miss! Their brand of power pop makes one want to get up and dance the whole night through. Lead Singer Max Kerman is a dynamic frontman who engages the audience and has a perpetual smile. It's only a matter of time before they become as popular in the US as they are in their homeland where they sell out multiple thousand capacity arenas.  

Here Come The Mummies is a funk band 3000 years in the making. Supposedly King Tut cursed those who entered his tomb but since being released for their tomb, these cats have unleashed a brand of funk that will blow you away! If you like great music and having fun, HCTM is for you! 

Louis Prima Jr & The Witnesses are the new "Kings of the Swingers!" Louis is the son of legendary Louis Prima and his bride / singer, Gia Maione so you know great music is in his blood. Louis Jr has assembled a swing band that is as much fun to watch as it is to hear! These guys have fun doing what they do and it shows. They cover songs of his father's in a way that make you want to get out of your seat! They also do great original songs that range from bluesy to jumping swing music. 

JD McPherson is a true American rock & roller. His music is heavily influenced by the great rockers, soul artists and rockabilly cats of the 50's and early 60's. He has wrapped all those influences together and created a sound that is unique in this day and age. His band is loaded with talent that accentuates his own unique guitar sound. 

Al Stewart has been a prolific songwriter and singer since the 1960's. His better known pieces, Year of the Cat and Time Passages, are but a tiny slice of the great music you will hear at one of his performances. A self proclaimed fan of history, Al regales his audience with historical anecdotes as well as stories from his musical career. Al Stewart is a true gentleman with an unpretentious attitude whose shows are a sheer joy to attend!  Accompanying Al on lead acoustic was Dave Nachmanoff who is a fine entertainer in his own right!

Here is a group of photos from various performers from around the world who perform a variety of music. I hope you enjoy this collection

A collection of concert, venue, and music related photographs. Some I have a personal connection with, some are just plain fun. Enjoy!

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